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What Are the Demographic Characteristics of Juvenile Arrests?

Published July 22, 2020 by ADRAS & ALTIG, Attorneys at Law

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, there are over 725,000 juvenile arrests each year. Of these arrests, over 70% of the youth are male and around 70% are age 15 or older. White youth account for over 60% of overall arrests,...

Am I Allowed to Record Police Officers During an Arrest in Nevada?

Published by ADRAS & ALTIG, Attorneys at Law

Under the Nevada law, you are allowed to record police actions in a public space as long as you disclose that you are recording and you do not interfere with what the police are doing.

How Do I Find Out if Someone Has Been Arrested in Vegas?

Published by ADRAS & ALTIG, Attorneys at Law

If you think someone has been arrested in Nevada, contact the city or county where they were arrested. In the Las Vegas area, call the Clark County Detention Center or search their website to get information on people in custody.

Do the Police Always Need a Warrant to Do a Search?

Published by ADRAS & ALTIG, Attorneys at Law

If an officer believes that someone they have detained (or are about to lawfully detain) might have a dangerous weapon, then the officer may search the person solely for the purpose of looking for a weapon. Otherwise, unless you consent to...

How to Know If You Are Being Illegally Detained

Published by ADRAS & ALTIG, Attorneys at Law

Under Nevada law, the police may only detain a person suspected of criminal behavior or of violating conditions of probation or parole for purposes of identifying the person and investigating the suspicious circumstances. The detained person is not required to answer any other...

What is unlawful detention?

Published by ADRAS & ALTIG, Attorneys at Law

Unlawful detention is when a law enforcement officer holds you for an unreasonable amount of time without a legal reason. Detention is different from arrest. With detention, an officer can hold you for a “brief and cursory” period to ask...

How Many Deaths Are Related to Arrests?

Published by ADRAS & ALTIG, Attorneys at Law

As of 2020, there is an average of over 130 arrest-related deaths (ARDs) each month across the United States. This includes people who die during any interactions with law enforcement, during the process of arrest or while in police custody.

What happens at the first court appearance after a DUI?

Published January 29, 2020 by ADRAS & ALTIG, Attorneys at Law

After being arrested for a DUI charge, your first court appearance is called an arraignment. At this time, you and your attorney will appear and make your plea in whichever Nevada County court your arrest happened in. You will also...

I was not read my Miranda rights during my arrest, does that help my case?

Published by ADRAS & ALTIG, Attorneys at Law

In Nevada, the failure of the police officers to read you your Miranda rights is not grounds for dismissal of charges against you. However, your lawyer can ask a judge to exclude evidence that was improperly obtained. This is a highly...

What happens to my vehicle after I have been arrested during a traffic stop?

Published by ADRAS & ALTIG, Attorneys at Law

For Nevada, in rare circumstances, the police will let a passenger take your vehicle. However, in most cases, police officers will search your car, tow it to a storage yard, and impound it. Please note that during a legitimate traffic...

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