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Facing criminal charges in Winchester, Nevada?

Winchester criminal defense attorneys who truly care.

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Winchester, NV

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Are you or your loved one facing criminal charges in the Winchester, Nevada area? The criminal defense attorneys of Adras & Altig are ready to help you. Attorneys Paul Adras and Steven Altig firmly believe that every person facing a criminal charge in Winchester deserves the strongest possible defense. As defense attorneys, it’s our duty to stand up and fight for you. We are committed to seeking a resolution of the charges that has the least adverse impact on your life.


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The attorneys at Adras & Altig have more than 30 years of combined experience defending individuals in Winchester, Las Vegas and surrounding areas of Clark County. Attorneys Paul Adras and Steven Altig are reputable and respected Las Vegas defense attorneys who handle all kinds of misdemeanor and felony charges. They represent residents of Clark County as well as visitors to the area who have been arrested far from home.

The attorneys understand how disruptive and upsetting a criminal arrest can be. Keep in mind that an arrest does not automatically mean that you will be convicted. Nor does it mean that you’ll have to face the harshest penalties. You’ll want to avoid saying anything to police if you’re arrested, and make sure that you exercise your right to have an attorney. A criminal defense attorney from Adras & Altig will take immediate action and aggressively defend you against the charges you are facing.

How can a criminal defense attorney help me in Winchester, NV?

Adras & Altig understands the stress, strain, and fear that accompanies a criminal charge. We work to help people obtain the most favorable outcome of their cases. To us, this means the outcome with the fewest possible penalties and adverse impacts on the lives of our clients.

Regardless of whether your criminal offense is classified as a misdemeanor or a felony, you should seek the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Our firm can conduct an independent investigation into the incident leading to your arrest and preserve evidence to use in your defense to create doubt about the case presented by a prosecutor.

Being represented by Adras & Altig will give you the benefit of having lawyers who are experienced in the Clark County justice system. The attorneys are familiar with judges and prosecutors in the county. Because Adras and Altig are well-known local attorneys with professional working relationships with the local district attorneys, they are often able to get prosecutors to consider proposals for reductions in criminal charges, deferment of charges pending completion of drug or alcohol treatment, or other preferred outcomes for alleged offenders.

If you are a first-time offender with a good record, we may be able to get you admitted to a treatment program and have the criminal charges dismissed based on successful completion of certain court programs.

The attorneys at Adras & Altig understand that many alleged offenders are facing criminal charges for the first time and can be overwhelmed by having to appear in court to answer the charges. An attorney will be by your side the entire time and help you feel comfortable moving forward. We will work with you to develop a legal strategy for fighting your criminal charges and give you reason to be optimistic about your case.

Our Practice Areas

Adras & Altig has experience handling a wide variety of criminal cases in Nevada. Some of the most common types of cases our criminal defense law firm handles include:

Some people arrested for criminal offenses may wish to get their criminal records sealed or expunged. Nevada does not currently allow criminal records to be expunged, but people are allowed to have criminal records sealed in certain cases provided that the person has maintained a clean record and the specified number of years has passed since the date of the prior conviction.

A person convicted of a misdemeanor only needs to wait one year to petition for their record to be sealed, but a gross misdemeanor is two years, a misdemeanor DUI is seven years, and a Category A felony is 10 years. Having a criminal record can adversely affect your ability to obtain housing, employment, credit or professional licensing. After your record is sealed, the prior conviction will not show up in a background check.

What to do if you are arrested in Winchester

If you are arrested, it is important for you to exercise your right to remain silent. You are under no obligation to explain anything to a police officer. Many attempts to convince police not to charge you with a crime or drop a charge can be very damaging.

Remember that anything you say to police can and will be used against you. Officers are aware of the kinds of admissions that can be most damaging to criminal defense cases. They will often try to trick alleged offenders into speaking freely about their incidents.

The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the assistance of counsel to all persons accused of criminal offenses. You should always exercise this right. Ask to speak to a lawyer as soon as you are told that you are being placed under arrest.

When you are arrested, you will usually be read your Miranda rights, which will often clarify that you have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. It is generally recommended that you say nothing after you are read your Miranda rights other than to respond affirmatively that you understand your rights.

With certain minor criminal offenses, an alleged offender may simply be issued a citation and told to appear in court. You will be given a citation that gives the date of a scheduled court appearance.

Certain misdemeanor offenses could lead to a person being arrested and taken into custody to the Henderson Detention Center.

Henderson Detention Center
18 East Basic Road
Henderson, NV 89015

Other more serious charges could lead to an alleged offender being taken to the Clark County Detention Center. Alleged offenders taken there often are brought before a magistrate who decides the terms of bail for release from custody.

Clark County Detention Center
330 S. Casino Center Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89101

The general rule when it comes to bail is that more serious criminal offenses often involve higher bail amounts. You also may face increased bail amounts if you happen to be a visitor from another state. The court may want to set a high bail to prevent the possibility of you not coming back to court.

When you contact Adras & Altig, we will be committed to helping you secure reasonable bail so that you are able to be released as soon as possible. Our firm regularly defends clients arrested in all parts of Winchester.

Winchester NV Court System

Winchester is an unincorporated town that is part of the Las Vegas Township, which provides judicial services for the city of Las Vegas and the other unincorporated towns of Whitney, Sunrise Manor, Summerlin South, Spring Valley, Paradise, Mount Charleston, Indian Springs, Enterprise, Cactus Springs, and Blue Diamond.

Municipal Courts handle violations of city ordinances, non-traffic misdemeanors, traffic violations, and some parking violations. Minor offenses in Winchester may be handled in the Las Vegas Municipal Court.

Hearings, arraignments, and initial appearances on felony charges could be handled in the Las Vegas Justice Court. Trials for misdemeanor charges and traffic cases can also be handled in this court.

The Eighth Judicial District Court of Clark County is the largest general jurisdiction court in the state. Its jurisdiction encompasses every municipality and outlying community in Clark County.

The addresses of the courts are:

Las Vegas Municipal Court
200 Lewis Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 382-6878

Las Vegas Justice Court
200 Lewis Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 671-3116

Eighth Judicial District Court
Regional Justice Center
200 Lewis Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89155
(702) 671-3341

Contact our experienced criminal defense law firm in Winchester, NV

Paul Adras has been practicing law since 2003, and Steven Altig has been practicing law since 1999. While every criminal case stands on its own facts, our law firm has a record of success that includes many criminal charges that carried decades of possible prison time being dismissed entirely.

The Winchester defense attorneys are well aware that the version of events that police give to prosecutors is most likely incomplete or one-sided. When we represent a client, we immediately begin working to find errors and punch holes in the case presented by prosecutors. Much of this will be accomplished through our investigation of your case. We can often uncover things that law enforcement may have overlooked.

When our law firm is able to get the kinds of evidence you need, we will be in a stronger position to possibly negotiate for your criminal charges to be reduced or completely dismissed. You should know that we provide every client with a free consultation, so there is absolutely no risk to you in discussing your case with us.

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