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Facing criminal charges in Spring Valley, Nevada?

Spring Valley criminal defense attorneys who truly care.

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Spring Valley, NV

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If you have been charged with a crime in Spring Valley, it is extremely important for you to be represented by an experienced criminal defense attorney. Any time you are being held by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police or other law enforcement authorities you should decline to answer questions and ask to be allowed to contact an attorney. The hard-nosed criminal defense lawyers of Adras & Altig will respond promptly to your call and bring their 25 years of combined experience with local police and courts to bear in your defense.


Client Testimonials

“Sometimes you only have one chance to pick an attorney. I was facing 2-5 years and I made the best decision of my life by hiring Steve. He was very sharp & intuitive in court and absolutely hammered the prosecution’s case & witnesses. As I watched him dismantle the case against me, I could only feel more and more confident as the trial went on. I was very thankful for what he did for me as it changed my life.”

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When you choose to be represented by Adras & Altig, you have the firm’s senior partners as your attorneys. Paul Adras and Steven Altig work together as a legal defense team on each of the firm’s cases. Their goal is to resolve the charges against you so that you experience the least disruption to your life as possible. The Adras & Altig law firm is committed to the principle that no one’s life should be ruined by one misstep or a single lapse of judgment.

Prosecutors in Clark County, Nevada, mean business when they take defendants to court. Anyone facing criminal charges after an arrest in the Spring Valley suburb of Las Vegas needs and deserves a robust and dedicated legal defense. It is a Constitutional right. This includes local residents and Las Vegas-area tourists.

At Adras & Altig, we provide criminal defense representation to individuals facing felony or misdemeanor charges with our clients’ best interests in mind. We are here to help you, not to judge you. Call us today.

Our Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Paul Adras and Steven Altig are respected defense attorneys in Las Vegas and greater Clark County, Nevada. They have developed working relationships with judges and district attorneys in the local court system that allow them to negotiate with prosecutors to have charges reduced and have clients who are eligible diverted to treatment programs.

You need the kind of experienced help Adras & Altig can deliver if you have been thrust into the Nevada criminal justice system. We can investigate the incident that led to your arrest to gather evidence and develop a legal defense strategy tailored to your specific situation.

We can help with cases involving:

If you have previously been convicted of a crime in Nevada, Adras & Altig can handle the paperwork required to seal your criminal record from public view. This is a right you have after a certain number of years if you have maintained a clean record since your original arrest or conviction.

A sealed record does not show up in typical background checks conducted by employers and banks and, under Nevada law, you can legally say that you have never been convicted of a crime once your records are sealed.

What to Do If You Are Arrested in Spring Valley, NV

Being arrested is a stressful and frightening situation for most people. You should never try to talk your way out of an arrest. It is easy to say and do things that will make matters worse when dealing with the police.

You should always cooperate with police up to a point. Once you have been arrested or told you will be charged with a criminal offense, you should decline to answer further questions and ask to speak to an attorney. If you give the police a statement, your words may be used against you in court.

After you have been arrested, you should contact a lawyer as soon as you are allowed to do so. The sooner you have an attorney at your side, the less likely you are to say something that could cause additional problems for you.

If you have been accused of a minor offense, you may be issued a citation and told to appear in court. For other misdemeanors, you are likely to be arrested and taken into custody.

Spring Valley is an unincorporated area of Clark County patrolled by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police from a substation at 8445 Eldora Avenue. The Spring Valley Area Command’s jurisdiction also includes the communities of China Town, Summerlin South, The Lakes and Peccole Ranch, as well as Red Rock National Park. If arrested by LVMPD in the Spring Valley area and held, you will be taken before a magistrate at:

Clark County Detention Center
330 S Casino Center Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89101

The booking process will include taking take your photo and fingerprints. A magistrate will typically decide the amount of bail that must be posted for you to be released from custody. The more serious the charge, the higher the bail. The bail also may be more if you are an out-of-state resident to help ensure you will return for court.

Once you have been booked, you may post bail if you have the necessary money (cash, credit card, money order, cashier’s check, attorney trust account check – no personal checks). Family members or other representatives may post bail with their personal funds or through a bail bonds agency.

Your first opportunity to make a phone call is likely to be after you have been booked. You should contact the criminal defense attorneys of Adras & Altig in Las Vegas.

Spring Valley, Nevada

Spring Valley is an unincorporated town and officially a “census-designated place” that is part of Las Vegas Township in Clark County, Nevada. More practically speaking, Spring Valley is a suburban community located two miles west of the Las Vegas Strip that had a population of more than 178,000 as of the 2010 census.

Spring Valley was formed in May 1981 on land that was previously occupied by Stardust International Raceway, a mid-1960s venture of the Desert Inn and Stardust hotel-casinos. Pardee Homes bought the land in the mid-1970s and began developing a master-planned housing community called “Spring Valley.” Today, Spring Valley occupies 33.4 square miles of the southwest quarter of the Las Vegas Valley.

Spring Valley High School at 3750 Buffalo Drive enrolls about 2,200 students in grades 9 to 12 and is a part of the Clark County School District. It is fed by several area elementary and middle schools.

Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center at 5400 South Rainbow Boulevard was the first acute care hospital to open in southwest Las Vegas in 2003. It offers 24-hour emergency services, cardiovascular services with a specialty in open-heart surgery, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, maternity services with a Level III NICU and wound care.

The 240-acre Desert Breeze Park at 8275 Spring Mountain Road in Spring Valley is one of the largest parks in the Clark County park system. Desert Breeze hosts many events, including the Bite of Las Vegas music festival, and offers a dog run, basketball courts, soccer field, skate park and other amenities.

Those who are arrested by Las Vegas police in Spring Valley must travel into Vegas for court appearances.

Clark County, Nevada, Courts

The Eighth Judicial District Court of Clark County has jurisdiction over all municipalities and outlying communities of Clark County. It processes cases in criminal, civil, probate and family courts. Phone District Court Administration at 702-671-4528 for answers to general questions about Clark County courts.

The Eighth Judicial District Court also operates 10 Specialty Court programs targeting non-violent offenders with substance abuse or mental health issues and focusing on providing assistance instead of just punishment. They include:

  • Drug Court
  • Felony DUI Court
  • Mental Health Court
  • Juvenile Drug Court
  • Veterans’ Court
  • Family Dependency Court
  • Dependency Mothers’ Drug Court
  • Child Support Treatment Court
  • OPEN Court (intensive behavioral modification programming for ages 18 to 26 who have been incarcerated)
  • Gambling Treatment Diversion Court.

The 52 judges of the Eighth Judicial District Court preside over 32 civil/criminal judicial “departments,” or courts, and 20 family/juvenile judicial departments at the Regional Justice Center, the Phoenix Building, and the Family Court House in Las Vegas.

Regional Justice Center
200 Lewis Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89155

Phoenix Building
330 S. 3rd Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Family Court House
601 North Pecos Road
Las Vegas, NV 89155

Contact Adras & Altig Criminal Defense Lawyers for Spring Valley, NV

The criminal defense attorneys at Adras & Altig are respected defense attorneys who have a thorough understanding of the Nevada criminal justice system and Nevada criminal law. If you have been arrested in the Spring Valley suburb of Las Vegas, NV, contact Adras & Altig at your first opportunity to obtain a strong and effective legal defense.

The attorneys at Adras & Altig work as a team on each case and focus on achieving the best outcome possible for each client. They will investigate your case and make sure your version of events is heard. They know how to identify the weaknesses in a prosecutor’s case and use them to negotiate a reduction in the charges or a dismissal of the case.

Adras & Altig approaches each case with an open mind and a firm belief that every client deserves a dedicated advocate for their rights and the best possible outcome in their case. Contact Adras & Altig by phone or use the online contact form to set up a free and confidential consultation with Adras & Altig.


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