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How to Seal a Criminal Record in Nevada

Published February 22, 2021 by ADRAS & ALTIG, Attorneys at Law
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Having a criminal record can negatively impact your life in many ways. A conviction on your record, especially for a felony crime, makes it harder to get a job, buy a house or a car, apply for a loan, and even live in certain areas. A felony conviction also bars you from being able to vote, serve on a jury, and hold political office.

While Nevada does not allow criminal records to be expunged, you can have your records sealed under certain circumstances.

At Adras & Altig, we understand how difficult life can be with a criminal conviction on your record. Our dedicated and experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys stand ready to walk you through the process and help you follow the necessary steps to get your records sealed.

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Steps to Have Your Nevada Criminals Records Sealed

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to get your records sealed if you were charged with a crime in the Las Vegas area:

  • Get a verified copy of your criminal history.

The first thing you need to do to seal your records is to get a full, verified copy of your criminal record. This is sometimes known as a SCOPE. In Las Vegas, you can get a SCOPE from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (learn more here). If you were convicted of a charge, you’ll also need to obtain a judgment of conviction and discharge from the Clark County District Court Clerk.

  • Type out a stipulation, petition, affidavit, and order.

Once you have a verified copy of your criminal history, you’ll need to determine which court to file your petition with. If all the charges on your SCOPE report are from one court, you file the petition with that court. If the charges on your SCOPE report were handled in multiple courts, then you file your petition with the Eighth Judicial District Court of Clark County.

After determining which court has jurisdiction over your petition, you’ll need to download and fill out the necessary petition forms, which you can find here. These forms should be typed, not handwritten. Once you’ve filled in all the necessary information, make three copies of each document.

  • Mail or drop your package off at the Las Vegas District Attorney Office.

All of your forms need to go to the Las Vegas District Attorney’s Office at 200 Lewis Avenue, Room 3305, P.O. Box 552212, Las Vegas, NV 89155-2212. Be sure all forms are complete and filled out correctly before mailing your package.

  • Wait for a response.

If the District Attorney agrees to have your records sealed, they’ll mail you back a signed order to that effect. You can then take that order to the clerk of the court that has jurisdiction over your case, who will then present it to a judge.

If the judge agrees to sign off on the order (they usually do if the DA has already agreed), you’ll get a copy of the completed order to have your records sealed. You can then take the order to the various police agencies that have your records on file and give it to them, at which point the agency is obligated to seal your records.

If the DA does not agree to seal your records, you can attempt to appeal directly to the judge, though you should talk to a lawyer first because it’s extremely difficult to get a judge to seal your records if the DA disapproves.

This process is broadly the same for all Nevada courts, though the police agencies involved and the relevant courts will be different in other jurisdictions. A lawyer can answer any questions you have about where to file your petition or other issues with the process.

Are There Some Records That Cannot Be Sealed?

While the records for many crimes can be sealed after a sufficient waiting period, some criminal records cannot be sealed.

Criminal records that cannot be sealed include:

  • Any crimes against minors (people under the age of 18)
  • Sex crimes
  • Felony charges for drunk driving or drugged driving
  • Home invasion charges if a deadly weapon was used in the commission of the crime

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