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Las Vegas Criminal Defense Legal Consultation in Jail

Published August 17, 2020 by ADRAS & ALTIG, Attorneys at Law
Clark County, NV jail inmate holding jail cell bars

If you’ve suddenly found yourself in jail, it can be a frightening and overwhelming experience – particularly if it’s the first time you’ve been arrested. You undoubtedly have questions, and you want to have a lawyer answer them.

But if you’re in jail, can an attorney come to meet you if you aren’t already their client? The law firm of Adras & Altig is here to answer any legal questions you may have related to criminal defense.

How and When to Get in Contact with a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Let’s answer the most important question: Yes, a criminal defense lawyer can visit you in jail for an initial consultation. Whether they will visit depends on the criminal defense attorney in question. Some attorneys will visit a prospective client in jail. Some charge a fee for their time, while others will make the trip for free.

Because someone can find themselves arrested at any time of day or night, some criminal defense firms are staffed 24/7 — including Adras & Altig. Our firm accepts collect calls from jail. Once you’ve contacted the firm, you can arrange for an attorney to visit you wherever you’re being held.

After the initial visit, you can arrange for calls or other in-person visits with your lawyer to stay updated on your case. You can also use the mail to communicate with your attorney, as legal correspondence is protected from search by jail officials, police, etc. Calls from jail, however, can be monitored and usually are. Keep phone conversations brief and keep sensitive topics to in-person meetings with your lawyer.

While it’s important to keep informed of your case as it’s progressing, keep in mind that your defense attorney will be doing research, attending court hearings, and doing other necessary work as part of preparing your defense. This means that in-person visits or calls may be relatively infrequent at times, though you should always contact your lawyer immediately if you have an urgent need.

Nevada Jail Visitation During COVID-19 Pandemic

There are some unique complications, at the moment, when it comes to jail visits because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As of March 7, 2020, the Nevada Department of Corrections has temporarily suspended all jail visits as a precautionary measure. This prohibition includes any visits between lawyers and their clients.

However, inmates are being allowed two free calls per week to stay in touch with family and friends, as well as talk to their legal representatives. Should the public health situation improve, it is possible that in-person jail visits could be restored.

The law firm of Adras & Altig continues to be available for all your criminal defense legal needs. You can reach our office 24/7, and we’re continuing to serve our clients remotely to accommodate social distancing guidelines.

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