Las Vegas Drug Crime Attorneys

The state of Nevada takes crimes involving drugs very seriously. If you’ve been charged with a drug crime, you need the help of a Las Vegas Drug Crime Lawyer like Paul Adras and Steven Altig. We understand how difficult facing a drug crime can be, and we are here to provide you with useful legal advice.

After being charged with a Las Vegas drug crime, it is normal to feel shame and regret, which leads many people to avoid seeking help. However, everyone deserves legal help when faced with a serious drug charge. Learn more about Las Vegas Drug Crimes and how ADRAS & ALTIG, Attorneys at Law, can help.

Drug Possession Crimes

Drug possession crimes are some of the most common drug crimes you can be charged with in Las Vegas. Although possession is usually not a major felony, it still deserves the attention of a drug crimes lawyer in Las Vegas.

Many people in Las Vegas find themselves charged with possession because they are unaware of the changing laws. As of January 1, 2017, adults over the age of 21 with a valid ID are allowed to possess one ounce of marijuana for use on private property. If you possess more than an ounce of marijuana, you can be charged with possession.

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime in Las Vegas, you need to hire the defense attorneys at ADRAS & ALTIG. We can explain your charges and represent you in court.


A much more serious drug crime in Las Vegas is trafficking. Trafficking charges can be very harsh if they involve Schedule 1 drugs. For example, if you possess more than four grams of a Schedule 1 drug, you can be charged with category B felony trafficking, and may be required to serve between one and six years in prison as well as pay fines up to $50,000.

If you are found with more than 28 grams of a Schedule 1 drug, you will be charged with the most severe trafficking felony possible, category A. Being convicted of a category A trafficking felony may result in ten years to life in prison, with fines as high as $500,000. Paul Adras and Steven Altig can help you if you’ve been charged with trafficking. We will fight for you in court and request more lenient penalties.

Hire a Drug Crime Lawyer in Las Vegas

Whether you’re faced with a major or minor drug crime in Las Vegas, you deserve representation from a knowledgeable drug crimes lawyer. At ADRAS & ALTIG, Attorneys at Law we can help you plan your defense and guide you through the process of a drug crimes trial. Call us at 702-385-7227 or email us at so that we can start working on your case.

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