Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys

There is no more stressful time than after you’ve been charged with a serious crime. In addition to the personal shame, there is the stress involved in handling the legal issues surrounding a Las Vegas criminal charge. The best decision to make when facing a criminal charge in Las Vegas is to hire a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer from ADRAS & ALTIG, Attorneys at Law.

We understand the complications involved in a criminal defense, and we can help you with your case no matter the crime you are being accused of committing. Find out why you need the help of Las Vegas criminal defense attorney like Paul Adras and Steven Altig when you’re facing a serious criminal charge.

Types of Las Vegas Criminal Defense Cases

In Las Vegas, as in many cities, there are a wide variety of criminal charges that a person could face. The legal team at ADRAS & ALTIG, Attorneys at Law, can help with your case, no matter the charges.

One of the most common criminal charges that we deal with are DUI, DWI, and drunk driving. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, we can examine the facts of your case and can help you build an effective defense.

At ADRAS & ALTIG, Attorneys at Law, we routinely deal with cases involving drug crimes. Drug charges are often very serious, and may result in lengthy prison sentences if you don’t have representation from a knowledgeable Las Vegas criminal defense attorney. We are ready to assist with your case in whatever way we can.

Why You Need Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyers

Whether out of guilt or a lack of funds, many people facing a criminal charge neglect to hire a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer. However, even if you’re facing a minor charge, working with Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers like Paul Adras and Steven Altig is a good decision.

We understand multiple legal areas, including the issues that can lead to an unsuccessful defense. Without a criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas, you may face a harsher sentences, including expensive fines and multiple years in prison. Hiring a defense attorney from ADRAS & ALTIG, Attorneys at Law, means getting your case the attention that it deserves.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Las Vegas

After being charged with a crime, you need to protect your rights by hiring a criminal law lawyer Las Vegas from ADRAS & ALTIG, Attorneys at Law. We can handle both felony and misdemeanor cases, and are ready to help you. Contact us by email at or by phone at 702-385-7227 and tell us about your case.

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